Types of Debt Management Programs

Lots of debt management programs are offered by different lenders for meeting the needs of debtors. These programs aim at gradual elimination of debts. Debt management programs vary with the type of agreement, the term of the program, services available and debtors? financial status. There are mainly two types of debt management programs – secured debt management programs and unsecured debt management programs.

Common types of debt management programs available include debt counseling programs, debt consolidation programs and debt settlement programs. Debt counseling programs are provided by professionals who to teach you all about managing your debt, from avoiding debts to eliminating debts. A debt counseling provider can tell you exactly what debt management program is suitable for your personal situation. There are many non-profit agencies that provide credit counseling free of cost.

Debt consolidation programs are the most widely practiced debt management programs. The debt consolidation company contacts your creditors to reduce your interest rates for you. Then the company will combine all your monthly payments into one affordable amount. Thus you can pay one low monthly payment instead of several high payments. The debt consolidation programs are a sort of one-size-fits-all debt management programs, thus any one can take advantage of them regardless of their credit rating.

Debt settlement programs, often known as debt elimination programs, allow you to payoff your debt within one or two years. Debt settlement companies will negotiate with all creditors of your unsecured debt for a low debt amount. The interest rates are comparatively much low. This Website provides detailed information on Debt Management Programs, Debt Management Services, Free Debt Management Programs, Best Debt Management Programs and more.

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