Numerous important factors come into play in safeguarding a commercial or strata building investment against the elements. Strategically selecting the kind of roof made use of as well as having a proactive maintenance strategy is are 2 very important elements. The efficiency of a roofing has a profound impact on residential property procedures, occupant & resident complete satisfaction and homeowner expenses.

This article consists of a summary of the information our home managers share with clients looking for to recognize their roofing system as well as the value of upkeep. We usually share this sort of info with clients such as commercial structure owners & lease owners via to strata councils & locals of condominiums. Continue reading to obtain the details you have to comprehend level roofing system types as well as the upkeep that opts for them.

Flat roof coverings are the most typical sort of roofing system in use for commercial buildings and also certain types of strata advancements such as low-rise apartments and also skyscraper condos. One of the most prevalent 5 kinds of flat roofing systems are:

  • Built Up Roofing (likewise referred to as BUR).
  • Changed Bitumen Roofing.
  • Ballasted Roofing.
  • Solitary Ply Roofing.
  • Eco-friendly Roof.

Built Up Roofing (BUR) is likewise described as a tar and gravel roofing. It includes a tar infused really felt being rolled onto the roof with overlap in between layers. Liquid tar is put on the surface and in between the overlapping layers. Depending on problems, typically this kind of roof lasts 10 to 15 years and after that will certainly require added layers included. A covering product, such as tiny rock, could be made use of to safeguard the roof and also extend the useful life of the roofing system.

Changed Asphalts Roofing is a hybrid of the BUR system where the product is made in a manufacturing facility as well as comes in rolls to be applied to the roof covering deck. The lifespan of this type of roof typically surpasses 20 years.


Ballasted Roofing is a membrane roofing system that is typically loose laid on the roofing deck as well as held in area by the weight of a topping such as little rocks or precast concrete pavers. When well maintained, a ballasted roofing will typically last over 30 years.

Single Ply Roof merely a single ply sheets of a roofing membrane layer made from several sorts of synthetic polymers. During the setup, they are secured at joints to create waterproofing. While they typically have a higher price, you obtain what you spend for. Solitary ply membrane layer roofing systems can outlast just about other roofing type, however, it is critical to choose a solitary ply membrane layer with a hefty base layer and strong weaved layout. These membrane layers are generally outstanding in UV as well as tear resistance; two aspects that drive their durability. In theory, with proper treatment as well as upkeep, a solitary ply membrane roof can last over 50 years. In method, the far better syntheticed ones were designed about 25 years earlier and also today the failing & substitute price could be as reduced as 1%.

Green roofs slow-moving roofing system water drainage down, allowing plants to keep the water and have water evaporate to the atmosphere directly from the roof. The basis for an eco-friendly roofing system is generally the same, mechanically talking, as a ballasted roofing system. The vital difference is that the product for the roofing likewise have to offer a dual feature as an origin obstacle stopping penetration of roots into the roofing.


No write-up on building materials as well as innovation should finish without a reference of maintenance. All roofing needs to have a solid preventative maintenance program in position including the removal of debris and also dust, examination for damages, in addition to the cleansing of downspouts and also gutters on a regular basis.

The roof as well as blinking (the sheet metal which surrounds joins and edges and routes water far from the roofing system) need to have damages or splitting fixed at the very least each year. The life expectancy of the roofing system should be analyzed as part of the upkeep procedure and a provision for upgrade or substitute must be a part of the budgeting and resources preparation procedure for the residential or commercial property.

In the case of a leakage, regardless of exactly how small, the source of the leakage ought to be explored as well as fixed as well as the area it showed up (e.g. ceiling tile or wall) need to be restored. Tiny leakages could conveniently transformed into big leakages in a rainstorm. The importance of recovering ceiling tile or wall surface is not just visual, it is additionally essential to allow the timely recognition of any type of further leakage.

In closing, by being notified regarding your roof, its maintenance demands and also your future options at upgrade or replacement time, you could ensure you will certainly make much better informed choices about your house investment.

A topping product, such as little rock, can be used to protect the roofing system and also extend the helpful life of the roofing.

Modified Asphalts Roofing is a crossbreed of the BUR system where the material is manufactured in a factory and comes in rolls to be applied to the roof deck. Ballasted Roofing is a membrane roofing system that is normally loose laid on the roof covering deck and also held in place by the weight of a topping such as small rocks or precast concrete pavers. Solitary ply membrane roofs can last longer than simply regarding any kind of various other roofing kind, however, it is critical to choose a single ply membrane layer with a heavy base layer as well as strong knit layout. Eco-friendly roofing systems slow-moving roof water drain down, enabling plant life to save the water and also have water evaporate to the environment directly from the roof.

The above article is intended for information purposes only. Every construction project is unique and it is a good idea to seek the advice of a qualified real estate development professional. Especially for large or complex projects, a property development professional should be able to help you get the best value from your investment and guide your project to a successful outcome by visiting our website for more details.